Climate Change & Asset Management 2020-2019

Ontario Regulation 588/17 requires municipalities to address, through its asset management planning, the vulnerabilities to infrastructure that may be caused by climate change as well as any adaptation opportunities or mitigation approaches to be undertaken. The regulation asks municipalities to consider the impact of climate change on municipalities' operations, levels of service, and lifecycle management. 

Asset Management Ontario (AMONTario) is developing and promoting resources in support of this aim. Please refer to the following presentations from recent events as helpful resources. 

2020 Presentations
Opening & Closing Remarks for the Asset & Climate Workshop Series - Dustin Carey, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Asset Management Governance Within the Context of Climate Change - Dharmen Dhaliah, Town of Halton Hills
Climate Change & Asset Management at the City of Toronto - David MacLeod and David Metcalfe, City of Toronto
Introduction to the Canadian Centre for Climate Services - Michael Copage, Teah Lizee, & Ellen Yeung, Canadian Centre for Climate Services
Climate Change & Extreme Weather: Utilizing Natural Infrastructure for Community Resilience - Natalia Moudrak, University of Waterloo
Scenario Exercise: What Would Your Municipality Do?
Making the Case for Green Infrastructure - Rohan Lilauwala, Green Infrastructure Foundation
Integrating Climate Change Adaptation & Asset Management Practices - John Murray, PSD
Prioritizing Climate Change Risks & Tools: Hazards, Enterprise Assets and a Corporate-wide Approach - Christine Tu & Sam Sidawi, Region of Peel
Using Better Data to Identify Climate Change-Related Infrastructure Vulnerabilities in Canadian Communities - Tyler Sutton, PSD
Enhancing Resilience Through Standards - Dwayne Torrey, CSA Group
Building Municipal Asset Management Capacity across Ontario - Sam Sidawi, Region of Peel

2019 Presentations
Making the Case for Climate Resilency - Christine Zimmer