AMONTario 2018 Annual Conference Proceedings

Formatting: Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Excel (Excel)


Alignment of Financial and Non-financial Functions in AM (PDF) 
Dharmen Dhaliah, Town of Halton Hills Corporate Asset Mangement

Whole Life Cycle Costing: A Workshop Based on the AMA Diploma Course (PDF)
Shawn Boast, Manager of Asset Management – Town Of Oakville Rhonda Harris Principle Consultant–AMCL
(Asset Management Consulting Ltd)

WLC Template Oakville Washrooms (Excel)

Corporate Asset Management- It’s a Way of Business: Risk -Levels of Service (PDF)
Leanne Brannigan, Manager, Corporate Asset Management, Region of Peel
Tool for Workshop (Excel)
Activity 1: Level of Service & Risk Impacts (PDF)
Activity 2: Assessment of Potential Impact/Risk to Services (PDF)
Consequence of Failure Guide (PDF)
Likelihood of Failure Guide (PDF)
Asset Levels of Service (PDF)
Service to Asset Diagrams (PDF)


Canada’s Core Public Infrastructure (PDF)
Lucy Opsitnik, Data Manager, Infrastructure Canada

Global Perspectives – ISO 55000 & Beyond (PDF)
Dharmen Dhaliah, Town of Halton Hills Corporate Asset Mangement

Municipal Metrics Catalogue (PDF)
LOS Working Group Mike Hausser, Manager of Public Works – Huron County
Municipal Metrics Catalogue (PDF)

Small & Rural Communities Collaboration:

Advancing Municipal Asset Management: A Coalition of the Willing (PDF)
Rick Charlebois, CAO/Treasurer, Town of Petrolia

“How” Based Approach to Asset Management in Small and Medium Sized Municipalities (PDF)
Jason Speers, Ontario Clean Water Agency

Integrated Strategic Long Term Financial Planning (LTFP) Model (PDF)
Town of Petrolia Ontario
Basic Strategic Log term Financial Plan (Excel)