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  • Welcome to AMONTario! Watch this short video for an introduction to the principles of municipal asset management.
  • Watch this short video about organizing asset data for strategic decision-making.
  • AMONTario is a multi-disciplinary community of practice for public infrastructure stewards. Core values include: collaboration, sector leadership, and innovation.
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AMONTario Climate Change & Asset Management Virtual Conference

Climate and environmental risks are some of the most pressing challenges facing stewards of publicly-owned physical infrastructure. Integrating climate change and infrastructure asset management is about improving resilience and making a community more sustainable over the long-term.

This conference provides tools for municipalities to advance their journeys in integrating climate impacts into asset management planning. The virtual conference will showcase examples from Ontario and other jurisdictions and also develops linkages to related planning, financial, and social considerations. It is the most comprehensive and multi-dimensional climate change adaptation and municipal asset management conference that has been offered in Canada.


About AMONTario

Asset Management Ontario is a non-profit community of practice comprised of asset management practitioners who share information and best practices to advance public sector asset management and stewardship of publicly-owned infrastructure in Ontario. The values of leadership, innovation, and collaboration guide our work.

Asset management crosses disciplines, and our membership reflects a broad range of expertise and backgrounds, including: finance, engineering, public works, planning, corporate services, and other disciplines.

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